Indian farm house duplex with 4 bedrooms

Indian farm house duplex with 4 bedrooms tn

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This is a ground, first floor, and terrace-floor Indian farm house having a plot size 40′ X 70′ with a rectangle shape of nearly 3000 Sq.ft plot east facing.

Ground floor plan – ground floor as shown below consists of a servant room with attached wc & bath, car parking, and front lawns which are not shown in elevation due to technical reasons.

Indian farm house duplex
2000 SqFt Modern farm house duplex

One of the defining characteristics of Indian farm house is their open floor plans. Large windows and sliding doors allow for plenty of natural light, while high ceilings and exposed beams create a sense of spaciousness.

First-floor plan – first floor of this 2000 SqFt farm home design is nearly the same as the ground floor and the only change is above car parking we provided the kitchen with dining.

Indian farm house duplex with 4 master bedrooms

Second/Terrace floor plan –

For the second-floor plan and remaining elevation options of this Indian farm house watch our youtube video link below.

Another key aspect of Indian farm houses is their use of natural materials. Exposed brick, reclaimed wood, and natural stone add warmth and character to the home, while also providing a connection to the outdoors. Metal accents, such as steel doors and window frames, add a touch of industrial edge.

3D Elevation -2000 SqFt Indian farm house duplex with 4 bedrooms as shown below

  • Front view
Indian farm house duplex with 4 bedrooms fe
Front view
  • Side view -1
  • Side view – 2

For more elevation options visit

Modern farm house duplex with 4 master bedrooms

Overall, Indian farm houses offer the perfect blend of rustic charm and contemporary design, creating homes that are both beautiful and functional.

With their open floor plans, natural materials, and sustainable features, they are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a home that is both stylish and practical.

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